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  1. I’ve been glad to read your blog this year and learned so much. Best wishes for Christmas and 2022.

  2. Donna Allen says:

    Hey Christin! I’m so glad I discovered your blog in 2021! Loved seeing your top ten list! I had no idea you could use spray paint on a countertop! Looking forward to more inspiration in 2022! Here’s to a Happy New Year! Donna

  3. Donna Marie says:

    Merry Christmas from a fellow Hoosier!!! I really like your blog!!! I live in Southern Indiana, right across the river from Louisville. I just started reading your blog and really like the fact that you are so frugal!!!

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      Oh yay!! Welcome Donna!! I’m so glad you found me! If there’s any upcoming projects you’re working on, be sure to let me know and I can see if I can help! And if you’re not already, join my VIP list here. 🙌🏼🥂

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