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  1. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    This is such a cute sign. Thank you for the tutorial! It is lovely to be on tour with you.

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      Same laura!

  2. Libbie Burling says:

    So Cute!!! Love this sign for Halloween.

  3. Kimberly Jones Snyder says:

    Amazing post! I love it! Thanks for sharing all the details!

  4. What a great project! So amazed at how you can paint the words freehand – I could never do that! It looks awesome!

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      It was fresh from a class I took lol… I love me some math, so the grid made it possible!!

  5. So cute! Now I need calligraphy lessons! Pinned!

  6. Such a cute and fun project! Thanks for sharing, Christin.

  7. Wendy McMonigle says:

    Such a darling sign! we all need one of those on our porch.

  8. So cute!!! Such a great idea!

  9. Paula@SweetPea says:

    I love this Halloween sign! It is so cute and it looks great on your front porch.

  10. Donna Reidland says:

    I love the detailed instructions. So helpful!

  11. What a fun project, Christin. I love it and your fall front porch looks amazing! xo

  12. What an adorable sign, Christin. Love it!

  13. Missy Noonan says:

    So cute! I think your neighborhood is going to love your house at Halloween! Thanks for a great blog hop! ~Missy

  14. I love this sign so much. It’s adorable. The lettering is amazing.

  15. What a fun sign! The directions were so detailed!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy day!

  16. Linda Johnston says:

    So cute! The verticle sign is just the right height and size for your porch Happy Hop!

  17. What a lovely sign! Saving it to make next year!

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      I’m so glad! Thank you!

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