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  1. Great info! Love the combo of pillows you use!

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      Thanks!! It was definitely fun to mix and match in these mood boards!

  2. The visuals of the pillows on couches is super helpful!

  3. Ok, I was drooling over each and every one of these! Great post, Christin!

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      Thanks Marieza!! Some good ones in there!

  4. Great tips! I love how you showed them all on the sofa as examples.

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      I am totally a visual person, so on the sofa was a must lol

  5. Kim Waldorf says:

    This post speaks to me. I love throw pillows! Lots and lots of them. I love to mix and match patterns and colors. Such a fun post!

    1. Christin | My Homier Home says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love them too!!

  6. Carol Karl says:

    Great information – so many pillows to choose from!

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